Our First Blog

It seems like only yesterday that the swing in the photo above would have been more of a priority in our lives as opposed to the wedding ceremony set-up in the background of this photo.  To quote Alice Walker, “Time moves slowly but passes quickly”.  

Today however, you are on the verge of experiencing one of life’s biggest events.  Whether you are the bride, groom, mother, father, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother or a dear friend you will be celebrating a very joyous moment and you do now care more about not only the background of your wedding but center stage.  We understand that new priority.  We have experienced, both personally and professionally, the effort it takes to make this very special moment just right.

We hope our future blog posts will provide you with useful information that will aid you in the numerous decisions you have to make along the planning process.  We understand budgets, we understand the effort in reaching decisions and through our experiences we know to expect the unexpected.  Hopefully our blog will be enlightening and helpful in planning the celebration of one of life’s most precious events.